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Unlocking the Impact of Audits on the HME Industry

The out of control Medicare audit system puts paperwork before patients. That’s why AAHomecare has launched the new HME Audit Key.


The HME Audit Key will quantify the impacts of audits and present compelling data that policymakers cannot ignore.

AAHomecare is embarking on a funding campaign that will run over the next two years to raise the $250,000 necessary to sustain the HME Audit Key. As industry leaders, please show your commitment to this important initiative.

Onerous audits are hurting patients and preventing them from getting the products and equipment they need. To successfully work towards audit reform, the industry must move towards a true and complete picture of audit activity and its impact.

Called the HME Audit Key, this new audit tracking system will unlock the impact of audits on HME providers. This is a massive, long term commitment that will benefit the entire industry and AAHomecare is committed to making sure it is given the resources it needs to succeed.

AAHomecare worked closely with the American Hospital Association (AHA) on their RACTRAC survey tool and has contracted with Provider Consulting Solutions, the company that developed that program. Using lessons learned from that process, we are launching an audit tracking system on behalf of the industry.

The AAHomecare Executive Committee and Board of Directors along with VGM Group, Inc., and The MED Group, committed $43,500 in the first two weeks. However, their generous support alone will not be nearly enough.

As industry leaders, please show your commitment to this important initiative. Details about how to make a contribution, how to get an invoice and the different levels of support are provided in the overview and contribution form. Download the Overview and Contribution Form

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